You can get a free trial license, valid 10 days, per individual module

If you like the software you can request a permanent license by sending an e-mail to

Make sure you state for which Revit version it is.

Buying all the modules at once (all in one bundle) is considerably cheaper (250 €) than buying the modules individually. The license is for one computer and a specific version of Revit. If you want to transfer it to a different computer, because you have bought a different one, we can do this for you on request. We do have discounts for loyal customers that want to buy the software for a next version of Revit, or when they want to use it on multiple computers. 

When you order the software, we will send you a paypal request, after your payment has been processed we will activate your license and you will get an email notification from our backoffice.


2015  / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019 

Library browser  

     60 €

Library analyzer      90 €

Parameter editor       

     85 €

Subcategory editor

     50 €

Batch print 

     60 €

Dynamic legends      35 €
Copy element types      35 €

Sheet configurator

     25 €

Upgrade projects      25 €
Family hierarchy reporter      25 

Sheet generation from views 

     20 €

Duplicate active sheet 

     20 €

Element selection data manager 

     35 €

Create assembly sheets

     35 €

All modules in one bundle 

250 €